Inventory Management Software (TrueStox)
Keeping inventory at optimal level is one of the top priorities for business. Inventory Software helps a business to balance between the demand and the supply. It reduces the chance of going out of stocks as well as helps avoiding over-stocking and reduces inventory loss.
Warehouse Management
Helps you manage everything from receiving the inventory to pick and pack. Inventory tracking gets easier as well. You can also manage the labor associated with inventory.
Supplier Management
Bring all your suppliers under one platform. The system automatically sends notifications to suppliers when stock level is low.
The system is capable of sending different notifications. For example the system sends notifications when stock is low and the system sends notifications for stocks which are sitting for a long period of time.
The system automatically generates different reports for you. The report can be generated based on items, suppliers, lot number and so on.
User Friendly Interface
To maximise efficiency, the software comes with easy to use interface. It helps quick adoption and allows users to complete their tasks with ease.
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